Back in Texas

I stepped off Southwest Airlines 11 days ago and have spent every minute until today with at least some of my sweet family.  Wow!  It's  been a whirlwind.  I was greeted at the Midland airport by hugs and kisses and hugs and hugs and hugs - even from Hannah, who doesn't always like me.  We've had a wonderful time. 

Here we are avoiding bedtime by playing with Nana's new phone and taking our own portraits:

We Celebrated Holly's Birthday with brunch at
Wall Street Grill in Midland. 
The buffet includes fruit and salad with the
 scrumptious cinnamon rolls.
But, how can my child be the same age I think I should still be???

On our way to my house in Snyder, we drove over to
Wellman, Texas for a look at the
Extreme Home Makeover home. 
 We tried to volunteer,
but they had more than enough unskilled help. 
It airs in January. 
(Harrison, Holly, Hannah, & Yvonne)

The next day in Snyder, Holly and I set up the new booth in the Antique/Crafts Mall in Snyder. 
 Here are some of the soy wood wick candles Holly has been pouring into vintage containers:

Cotton Fields in West Texas are ripe for the harvest..
Looks like a good year for the farmers.

Neighbor and talented photographer, Carol, (http://www.carolmccowenphotography.blogspot.com/),
gave the kids a hands on tour of her family's cotton field:

Hannah climbed the tree
(Harrison hid in the leaves)

and had a tea party...

in the dress Granny made for Nana...
...a loooooong time ago!

Hannah stayed with me until we left for our place at San Angelo's Dove Creek
 to meet the rest of the family for Thanksgiving.

The view from the hammock
hanging on the banks of
Dove Creek
was beautiful - a warm, clear, perfect day on the creek.

Thanksgiving Day when we each told what we were thankful for,
our answers were all sincerely "family". 
We were so glad to be together.

The day after the turkey feast, we were without water and  electricity for about an hour.  Then a plumber was called to fix the clogged upstairs plumbing.  While the plumber was still there, the bathtub water cascaded down through the kitchen ceiling.  In this picture, the plumber is working and Holly is mopping. (note the t-shrit)

We had our own Extreme Home Makeover!

We've survived too much food, lots of love and a few old house challenges.
Holly & Kids are back to school.
Tommy & Ted are back to work.
And I am home alone
with mundane chores that can't be done from afar,

And God is Still Good. 


  1. This is soooooo good! You are so creative and you say sooooo much without saying very much! Hope that makes some sort of sense. I love the picture from the hammock.


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