This vagabond, gypsy life we have has allowed us to cross paths with the neatest of neat people.  Here in the RV park is a couple, having just returned from Singapore who are now waiting for their permanent assignment.  They sold their home here when they went overseas, and are camping out here to be near friends and family.  Euvah has graciously given me tours, information about the area, and rides to Walmart since I am without my truck.  She is also an accomplished photographer and has a great blog. 

Yesterday afternoon I was out walking and joined Euvah as she sat by the lake with her camera and paraphernalia.  I am sure she would have rather had the time alone in the presence of the Creator and His creation, but I barged in anyway.  Here is Euvah, sitting by the lake with her mega camera smiling at the crazy woman photographing her with a phone camera.

As she clicked away, she told me the names and
characteristics of the birds in her lens.

  "Look there's an eagle",
"that bird is a shrike, it has a lizard in its mouth",
 "watch that bird dive for fish",
 "see that flock, they are pink",
"a bird just went in that hole".

Her pictures from last night are posted on her blog:

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