Making Plans

I've heard it said that if you want to make God laugh,
just tell him your plans -
 kind of like this draw bridge.

It was built to accomodate steam boats coming down the Yellowstone River.

However, by the time it was finished,

it was obsolete, steamboats were no longer on the river
and it appears that the river changed its course.

In its whole 99 years, the drawbridge has only been lifted once
 - as a test at completion.

The trains used it,
then boards were placed over the rails for cars,
 and now just foot traffic of curious Texans.

And the little tunnel appears to be open

Whoa!  Not such a little tunnel!

I bet there's been a lot of sweetheart smooching going on in here,
including some who've been sweethearts for 40 years!

Did you ever think you saw the light at the end of the tunnel

only to find out it's just a gorilla with a flashlight
(or a cellphone).

BUT, always remember - if you're going through something,
you will get through it.

And, it will look different looking back.

The moral of my little story is:
Don't make God laugh at your plans,
because He has better ones.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,
 “plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
 plans to give you hope and a future.
(Jeremiah 29:11)

Fairview Lift Bridge
and Cartright Tunnel
(Connecting Fairview, MT and Cartright, ND)

Thanks for joining me!


Kool-Aid or Not

I thought about volunteering to work in Vacation Bible School.  "I could pour Kool-Aid", I said to myself, to the air, to God. 

The thought was hardly out of my brain, when I was asked to work.  I went to a meeting.  Crafts?  Ok.  All of the crafts?  All?  As in Preschool through 7th grade?  Really?  Really?  I'm not a member of this church.  I'm not even Lutheran.  It's still ok?  Bring ideas?  Prepare for 100.   Okay.........Pinterest here I come!

The committee wanted big projects the children could take home and keep forever.  So.....big projects we did.

For one of our big crafts, we decorated artists palettes - but not the way an artist would!

We tore pieces of old thrift store sheet music and glued them to a blank canvas.  You can also use old books, magazines, or maps.

 Then (after it's dried) we attached vinyl adhesive letters/words. 

 The littlest kids put a prechosen word
and their sweet little hand prints on their canvas. 

Aren't they darling?

The older ones, painted over words they chose,
 then peeled them off when they were dry. 

They all did such good jobs.

The budding artists sealed their masterpieces with Mod Podge.

Their FAVORITE craft was the t-shirt project
It was something I had done with my grand kids
 (whom I miss more than they will ever know).

They put a red solo cup inside the shirt, secured it to the underside with a rubber band on the outside and decorated the drum with bright colored Sharpies.  Then they dropped droplets of rubbing alcohol (90%) onto the painted drum.  Watch the ink spread!  They allowed it to dry (about 30 seconds) before they were excited and ready to remove the rubber band and move on to another area of the shirt.

Did I mention that this was a favorite? 


and they all wore them for the parents program.


 Because it was their favorite project.

I heard comments like:
Can I work on my shirt some more?
Is this a doctor's office?
You smell like a nurse (rubbing alcohol)
and my favorite:
We're doing this for Gramma Camp!

We did another project - The Ten Commandments
but I didn't get a picture of it. 
It wasn't their favorite. 

It really was a great week,
even if I didn't get to pour Kool-aid!
Maybe next year!


DIY Divas

The other day I needed some essential ingredient for the delicious healthy supper I was making for my hardworking man.  I dusted off my work clothes and walked 2 blocks to our little grocery store.  It was after 5 and full of working men in their grungy FR's (fire retardant clothing) picking up pizzas and ice cream for their suppers.

I had to stand in line! The locals say they never had to stand in line before we (the oil field) came.

A magazine caught my eye.  Actually, the featured article caught my eye - DIY Diva.  DIY Diva? There she stood in all her glory - young, tan, fit, wearing layered contrast color tank tops and holding the latest greatest meanest cleanest power tool. (I know - bad sentence)

And there I stood looking back at her - wearing my dusty gimme cap, Salvation Army man's shirt and elastic waist pants with decorator specks, swipes, and finger prints in bar harbor beige, brandy cream and smouldering red - in all my glory.

I asked myself -

What is wrong with this picture


West Point Wedding

This past weekend we had the honor and privilege of
attending a wedding at West Point, New York.
We have known the groom's parents since before he was born
and celebrate not only his accomplishments,
his safe return from Afghanistan
but also his marriage.
The military wedding was a fairy tale,
a dream come true for a prince and princess,
and every bit as royal as anything in England.
Throughout the weekend I kept thinking of the wedding parables in the Bible:
Jesus first miracle at a wedding
John 2:1-10
Brides not being ready and missing the wedding
Matthew 25:1-13
The host who sent invitations to the wedding feast when no one came
Matthew 22:1-14

and The Ultimate Invitation
Revelation 22:17:
The Spirit and the Bride say,

The pictures are just my snapshots (not great quality)
and it's my first attempt at a slide show in Picasa.
I'm just posting this for the friends that couldn't make it.
And yes, I know I'm not a wedding photographer!I'm writing this blog from Picasa, so I'm a little unsure about how it will work.
And the music?
David and Julie's granddaughter sang it at the reception.

Click Here!


Bombs Bursting in Air

Tonight at 10:45 I was wandering the streets (it was still light outside) watching all the neighborhood fireworks

 - there seemed to be the battle of firecrackers. 

And the country club hadn't even started yet.

 I finally grabbed my camera out of my packed bag (airport tomorrow) and wished I had researched taking photos of fireworks.

  We finally gave up and drove around to have a closer look. 

 People all over town were set up in the streets firing off the big ones.

 It's midnight now and they are still going.

Never in my life, have I seen such a show!

The pictures are bad,
but I just wanted to share our amazement with you.

My eyes are bleary and I probably have 1,000 misspelled words.

Speaking of which,
I know it's
Andy Griffith
Sorry Andy.



Yesterday Andy Griffin Griffith died

Yesterday I went to the Farmer's Daughter (to borrow their full length mirror and let them help accessorize my 3 um 6 outfits for the fancy wedding this weekend)
Yesterday I visited with the police chief while he had coffee at the Farmer's Daughter
Yesterday I visited with folks on the street on my way to the drug store.
Yesterday at dusk (10 pm) I shared neighbor's fireworks sizzles and booms with my grand kids (1400 miles away listening in on the phone).
Yesterday I marvelled at the peaceful little town I live in.

Yesterday I wished to share a cup of coffee and a slice of rhubarb pie with you on my porch.

Let's get caught up....

How are your kids, grand kids, job, trips, remodels, Bible Studies?  What is new in you life?  What is God teaching you these days?

Yes, this porch still needs some work.  I found a carpenter, but he hasn't been back with the bid.  Pat picked up the rockers for us in Bismarck - that's the closest Cracker Barrel.  The white captain's chair is some body's cast-off.  It reminds my man of the chair at the feed store in days gone by.  These pansies just keep hanging on - they would have been long gone in Texas by now.  Can you smell my lavender?  Do you think it will live through the winter?  I haven't watered this grass at all. 

Oh, look!  There's the Pederson's riding their bicycles.  The pool must be closed - here come the children all wrapped up in their towels. That's the Olson's driving by.  See the girl dribbling the basketball down the street? - She's the Olson's daughter.  Clarice mowed her grass today, guess I'd better mow mine.  That's the other Olson's driving by.  Those neighbors lost their cat.  That lady walking by is from church, but I don't remember her name. That man helped us get the tree stump out of the yard.  Just wave.  I don't know them either.

Yes, this is Mayberry, North Dakota, USA.  And, yes, like the sign I saw this morning, I believe that Mayberry is a state of mind like contentment and so many other good things we let allude us, because of our state of mind.

Thanks for sharing my front porch ramblings.

And Happy Independence Day to you and yours!

Would you like another slice of pie?

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