Good Fitting Jeans

One of the biggest challenges of my life has been finding jeans that fit.  One time I decided to just go ahead and spend the big bucks on name brand jeans, but they sagged and slipped after a few hours just like the cheap ones.  So then, I decided to just buy my jeans from thrift stores.  That way I could just take them back if they didn't work.  So I would buy $3 jeans, wash them, and try them on then donate them back if they didn't fit.  I also put my initials on the inside pockets so I wouldn't buy them twice. 
The one time I didn't wash the "new" pair 
 (I was out of town without a change of clothes),
I stuck my hand in the pocket and found -
are you ready for this?
  .....a condom - not in it's wrapper. Uuuuuugh.

Back to my jeans saga - I finally found the perfect fitting pair that doesn't sag, or droop, or stretch.  They were $7 at Salvation Army -
NYDJ - Not Your Daughters Jeans. 
 Love 'em.   Love 'em. 
 I have worn them and washed them until they are almost white. 

This past week-end, I saw an ad that they were on sale so I bit the bullet and bought two new pair.  Today I was looking at the tag and was pleased to see that they were made in the USA.   Then I saw a big patch stuck to the inside front of the jeans. 
I peeled it off and this is what it said:

"NYDJ cannot be held responsible for any positive consequence that may arise due to your fabulous appearance when wearing our jeans."

How did they know?!  (Ha!)


  1. You are too funny. I hope I look as good as you do when I get to be your age!!! What am I talking about??? I am your age ;)
    Stephen and I went shopping at Goodwill yesterday. Got 5 shirts and 5 jeans for 1/2 what we used to pay for jeans for him. And by the way, the Goodwill Store shopping spree was his idea. There is one location that is closing and they will have a 75% off sale. He thought he might have to make a special trip for that.
    Love Ya!


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