Everything Esther

She is everywhere I turn.  Last month she was at a ladies' retreat in West Texas. Monday she was in the news. Yesterday she was at school.  Today is her celebration day. She is going back to North Dakota with me.

Esther was a young Jewish orphan being raised by her cousin in Persia, where Jews had been taken as captives. She became queen through a beauty pageant and kept her ethnicity a secret - until she was made aware of a plot to kill all Jewish people. She called her people to fast before she revealed the plot to the King. She saved her people from destruction by the king's edict allowing them to defend themselves. The king had the Jews' enemy, Haman, hung on the very gallows meant for Esther's cousin, Mordecai. (Esther 1-10). Her bravery saved her people from death.

The Old Testament Book of Esther is the only book in the Bible that does not mention God.  But He is there.  He. Is. There.

Godly Girlfriends Retreats 2015 retreat theme is Esther. Her story was told beautifully through, song, dance and each of the speakers. She inspired us to rise above our circumstances, our pasts, and our pain to become the women God created us to be. We were reminded that as daughters of THE KING, we are royalty and are called "for such a time as this". To visit Godly Girlfriends Retreats, click HERE. While you are there, visit the blog for a few pictures of our weekend together. I am packing my bags with everything Esther to take back to North Dakota. Twenty-five Texas goldy girlfriends will join me there in May to share Esther's inspiration and the love of Jesus at another retreat. 

Three days ago, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, referred to the story of Esther in his controversial speech to Congress. The connection? Ancient Persia is modern day Iran. Prime Minister Netanyahu sees Iran as a grave threat to the peace of Israel and the entire world. 

Today is March 5th. Every spring, Israel celebrates Esther's story during Purim. This year, Purim is celebrated from sunset March 4 to nightfall March 5.  Her story is read in synagogues from The Scroll of Esther - the megillah - in Hebrew. The celebration takes on a carnival atmosphere which includes Esther costumes, hissing at the name of Haman, traditional foods, and drinking wine.  In fact some drink until they can't tell the difference between the phrases, "cursed be Haman", and "blessed be Mordecai".  

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
 May those who love you be secure.
 (Psalm 122:6)

May you live to see
your children's children - 
peace be on Israel
(Psalm 128:6)
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