It's car show time here in Hometown, Texas, USA and we are around for the first time in something like eight years to participate. The car show brings out vintage cars, and memories, and stories. Here's our story:

My man has been looking online for the car of his high school days. A few months ago, he found a close likeness for the right price and we drove to Hilton Head, South Carolina to seal the deal and bring it home.

One of our jobs for the upcoming car show was to photograph some of the business sponsors with the employees wearing their show shirts. We took the car to use as a prop. There were stories everywhere, from the guys mostly of the one that got away - that is code for the hot rod he had to sell when kids came along. Of course he sold it for pennies and it's worth millions now.

While we were at a construction company, lining everybody up and taking names - I had my own flashback. 

My boyfriend worked all summer walking pipeline right of ways and painting fences with the goal of a new car (one that didn't break down on every date) by the time school started.  He got paid every Friday and gave his check to his girlfriend. I deposited the check into a passbook savings account, keeping out a twenty for a weeks worth of gas and a pizza date on Friday night. Would twenty dollars even buy pizza and cokes for two now? We did that all summer and he bought the car before the first day of school. Yep, this is where he worked and they loved his story. And here is his girlfriend:

Then at another stop - I spotted, standing in the back row, one of the little kids (now a grandma) that got crammed into the back street of the car when my groom's crazy cousins helped us into the car we tried to hide. With painted windows, empty pork & beans cans, streamers, and squealing tires we tore out onto the streets of our quiet little town with cousins in their muscle cars in hot pursuit. The mamas of our backseat babies were left with fear in their eyes and prayers on their lips, standing and watching in horror. Somewhere along the way, we ditched the car and jumped into my parents brand spanking new Oldsmobile for our honeymoon trip. We left the babies in the car and my Daddy to drive the just married car to the car wash.  We still don't know how those mamas found their little darlings. Maybe they were running along behind us!!

Our little backseat passenger doesn't remember the ride, but has heard the story over and over in the years since. We are so glad she hasn't had any lasting trauma from that event!

The Snyder Wheels 25th Annual Car Show starts tomorrow in the park. Come on out for more great cars and lots of stories! You just might see - the car!
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