Cypress Lake

Cypress Lake - at the RV Park. 
Not a bad picture for a phone camera!
Rumor has it that a few friendly alligators live there.....

So while I toodled around in capri pants and short sleeves today,
 my friends back in North Dakota were watching it snow. 
I miss the friendly folks there,
 but will not miss the winter we would have had.

Life is Good.


  1. What???? When did all this happen? I am sure you are happy to be closer to the kids, a new adventure WooHoo!

  2. It all happened suddenly and I wanted to pout a little, but put on my big girl panties and headed south. We have been here a week. I haven't seen much, because I left my truck in the shop at home. What I have seen is very beautiful, interesting and perfect weather. Good food too!!


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