Beach Photobomb Tips

Our family just spent a week on the Emerald Coast of Destin, Florida, but we spent months beforehand searching for the best beach, the best vacation rental, the best restaurants, the best activities, and the best ways to record your vacation memories.

Here are the Beach Photography tips I gleaned from the world wide web:

1. Begin your shoot an hour before sunset

2. Use Available props (and pretend that someone else's sandcastle is your masterpiece).

3. Take a jumping shot (even if teenage boy decides to jump like a girl)

4. Make sure your subjects maintain eye contact

(unless someone yells, "Stingray"!) 

5. Plan your poses (but expect photo bombs).

6. Pose to appear slimmer (stretch your neck like a turtle and hide behind the grandchildren.)

7. Have Daddy hold the baby. 

8. Know your equipment.

9. Use a tripod and the timer on your camera so that everyone can be in the picture (and if you forget the little quick release attachment thingy you can always tie the camera to the tripod with a shoestring).

10. Shoot from the front.

11. Shoot from the back (even if they are shaking their booties).

12. Take a lot of pictures because you just might get a lucky hair shot.

13. Photograph feet (including sunburned one's)

14. Take photos from a distance (but then you can't pretend you are the only ones on the beach)

15. Plan ahead to wear coordinating clothes (white, black/white, khaki/white, or pastels) so that no one has to go to the thrift store and buy clothes that make her look fat.

16. Catch a child exploring her environment.

17. Show the beach love.

18. Write in the sand

19. Take sunset shots over the water (unless the sun sets somewhere else).

20. Say Goodbye to the beach.

The End 
(there they go again)!

Thanks, family, for the greatest beach vacation ever!
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