Almost There

This wagon train has been on the road for two days heading for Montana. As we listen and sing to Alan Jackson's Mama's favorite hymns, I keep my trusty iPad close to research campgrounds, places to eat, AND occasionally sneak a few pages of my digital book. We wonder about the buffalo and the Indians and the pioneers. The Wagon master has never in 45 years stopped at one of those brown historical markers, a National Historic Site, or a National Monument. Well, maybe twice. I read them all but never get to see them. But now I have this magical little device that tells me what happened at all those places. I read them to the wagon master and we are both happy.

My book was a freebie on Amazon.  The author is Lauraine Snelling,  a Christian historical ficton writer and a native daughter of North Dakota.  And, yes, thank you very much for asking, (drumroll), I have met her. Her books are full of Scripture and faith, which I love.

Today her characters are on their way to Oregon in covered wagons, amid all kinds of challenges and hardships. They have just left Fort Laramie, where they picked up supplies for the long trek over the mountains. You'll have to read it yourself for the rest of the story! 
Driving through rain clouds and green grassy prairies today, I looked up from my device just in time to see one of those sweet little brown signs announcing 

"Fort Laramie National Historical Site" 

and then another about

 "The Oregon Trail "


"Surely Wagon Master will take his eyes off the goal for these important pieces of history", I thought. I think too much, because while I was thinking and being amazed , I missed the exit.

But just to think, I was there.


In the mid 1800's, 400,000 people traveled this route in the greatest migration our country has every experienced. They came until the railroad from the west joined the railroad from the east - somewhere in Utah - where there is another brown sign. I am sure.

An incredible piece of history and we are right there.  Almost.

I borrowed a few pictures from Mr. Google and wrote this entire post on my little magic device, which doesn't always spell or format correctly. But isn't it a fun story?. 
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