Just Folks

I am starting to know & recognize people around town. 
 How funny that feels.

Nee, a Baptist preacher's wife, was born in Lubbock and we had lunch last week
Jeanette welcomes me weekly to her Silver Dollar Antique Store
Ann, is from Canadian, Texas and I see her all over town in her sports car
Helen (Bible Study Leader) was eating at the Court House Cafe yesterday, too.
Christiane (in my Bible Study) introduced me to a fellow Texan in the grocery store
Harvey & Dave walk their dogs down our road every evening
Harvey was flipping burgers tonight with the Lions Club at the park
Dorinda (owner of the Court House Cafe) was in Alexander for burgers tonight
Dave & Darlene invited us in for a visit after burgers

It's nice to have a few friends.


Chokecherries and Rhubarb

Today I made Chokecherry Jelly and Rhubarb Pie.  Chokecherries, the official fruit of N.D. grow wild on trees and have a little tuft of tiny leaves on the stem end.  Most people here have a rhubarb bush or two in their yards but rhubarb is not  available in the stores.  Paula Deen's Perfect Pie Crust wins Ted's approval!


Lake Fort Peck

 Here we are at Lake Fort Peck in Montana.  We had been visiting new friends, Alton & Sue who have a lovely home on the lake.  I knew that Jesus was in the boat with us, I knew that Alton was a good driver, I knew that the boat was safe, but I also knew that God gave me wisdom to ask for a life jacket.  Sue tried to assure me that I would die of a heart attack before I hit the water anyway!  It's a beautiful lake with twice as much shoreline as California, built in 1935.  Sue's dad was one of 10,000 that helped build the dam.  Alton terrorizes the walleye there.


Ted's Work

Some of you guys have asked about
 the equipment on Ted's job sites. 
How about that shot?!



North Dakota Barn


Texas Bling

I am doing the Bible Study "Me, Myself, & Lies" by Jennifer Rothschild with a group of ladies from the community.  We've been talking about our "thought closets" and what is there that should or should not be.  Today's show and tell assignment was to bring or wear something from our closet that shows who we are.  My closet is pretty small, so I pulled out (but didn't wear) my hot pink shirt with crosses & rhinestones along with my camo capris also decorated with crosses and rhinestones.  My plan was to say that I'm a little artsy-craftsy and that my creations usually look better in my head than in reality.  I didn't wear them because no one dresses like that here. 

The first person to show her closet identity was Ann, transplanted from Texas 30 years ago, but still goes back to visit family.  She came in wearing a big turquoise rhinestone necklace and rhinestone flip-flops.  She revealed that she also has a big purse with a rhinestone cross on it.  She said she felt out of place in Texas without bling!  Those poor gals had never heard the term.  Bling.

Then Renee from Texas pulled out her
...... Bling.......
How funny is that!


Where the Buffalo Roam

I told Hannah that I had seen a buffalo. 
 She asked if it was alive or dead on the road. 
I told her it was in a herd and they were very much alive. 
 She said she would shoot one if she were here!
Oh, she's her Papa's girl!!

Home on the Range

This is a picture we made while hiking in the National Grasslands.  I thought about Indians "hiking", buffalo grazing, Sacajawea on the Lewis & Clark expedition, and homesteaders braving winters here.  It is some of the untouched beauty in our great nation.  When we got back to the RV, we watched (again) Dances with Wolves.  The movie was actually filmed in South Dakota and Wyoming - but much of the scenery looks like North Dakota.  Look close - is there a Sioux Brave riding the rim?


The Week in Review

  • Monday - Did the laundry with the rest of Williston's oilfield employees and spent some internet time at the "Daily Addiction" - sure miss the Manhattan!
  • Tuesday - stayed "home" in Alexander.  The drive to Williston is 21.9 miles of 2 lane truck traffic and construction, so I avoid going there.  I paid bills, cleaned a little, painted the porch, walked to the post office, and cooked dinner.
  • Wednesday - went to the community ladies Bible Study at the Luthern Brethren Church.  The study was good and fun.  I had lunch at the courthouse diner with Ann (a transplanted Texan) and Edna (a newcomer from Fargo).  Then Ann took us to an antique store I hadn't discovered.  The owner, Jeanette, is phasing out of the business and gave us some great deals.  I'll be her regular.
  • Thrusday - I connected with a realtor and looked at some property for winter housing.  Apartment houses are leased by Halliburton, BJ, Basic, Nabors, etc. and have waiting lists of 50+ people.  So we are considering buying.  Small condos and two bedroom houses sell for over 100,000 and need work.  Houses are only on the market a few days and sell at or above the asking price. 
  • Friday - stayed in Alexander and did my bookkeeping.
  • Saturday - couldn't resist -went Garage Sale'n.  My questions were: Are you moving? Is your house sold or rented?  How much?  I found a small two story house at a garage sale that was built at the turn of the century.  Ted says $150,000 is too much for old wiring and plumbing.  I just saw potential cute...
  • Sunday - worshipped with New Hope Wesleyn Church.  Good music, inspiring message, and friendly people.  Then had a cook out with some of Ted's co-workers here in the RV park.  It was a good week.
  • Today - back to the laundry!


Springs of Living Water

Ragged Butte Spring - Alexander, ND

Water is essential to life
Clean water is essential to healthy life
Living Water is essential to abundant life. 

If any one is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.
He who believes in me
- from his innermost being shall flow
rivers of living water.
John 7:57

Coffee Shop Design

Where's the camera when I need it?  The trainee at the Daily Addiction just overfilled the blender and couldn't remember how to turn it off.  She made such a lovely chocolate coffee colored design on the lime green wall!



I made this picture at 10 pm last night.  North Dakota doesn't need day light savings times!  Ted built the porch out of the packing material around the pipe they have put in the ground.  He's so handy!


Everything I know about North Dakota - so far

  • 18 hours of sunlight
  • 72 degree days - so far
  • lush green prairies (greener than usual they say)
  • armies of oilfield trucks
  • pump jacks & storage tanks - all wheat tan
  • very very few dark skinned people (natural or tanned)
  • hamburgers without lettuce and tomatoes
  • grocery stores carry most of my favorite brands
  • help wanted signs on every store front window
  • long lines at Walmart
  • narrow roads
  • crowded roads
  • Lewis & Clark were here
  • Sacajawea is Sakakawea here
  • The Little Missouri River is not so little
  • people are the same
  • people are different

Finally Settled

Here's a photo taken from the RV and a reminder that God's promises are universal.   As I struggle with creating a blog in the local coffee shop hot spot - "Daily Addiction" I marvel at God's goodness.  Yesterday I wondered where the believers were hiding and why I couldn't find any, but God.......led a young man to my table just now with a gospel tract.  He is part of a singing group that performed here last night at the Free Lutheran Church - he asked if I had ever given my life to God through the redemptive work of Jesus.  Earlier today I connected with the wife of a Southern Baptist pastor who invited me to a community Bible Study.  I can't wait to get there.  Just before I spoke with Christiane, I had pulled out a study book that I had packed at the last minute - "Me, Myself, and Lies" by Jennifer Rothschild.  Friend, Janell, gave me the book last year and said I would love it.  When I stuck it my computer bag, I thought I might finally have time to start it.  Guess what the Bible Study group is doing?  You got it!  Same book and they are only on week 2.  Coincidence that I brought the book?  Not a chance. I am soooo excited.
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