A Day Off

After that 2,000 mile trip, and a couple of weeks adjusting to a new job Ted was ready for a day of fun.  So we headed to New Orleans for breakfast at Camellia's Grill.
Opened in 1946, and closed for 18 months after Katrina, there's usually a line outside.  We sat at the counter and gorged ourselves on pecan waffles with maple syrup. 
Ted's breakfast drink of choice was milkshake.

We didn't want to go to the French Quarter, but did want to see the beauty of New Orleans, so we hopped on the historic St. Charles Street Car and rode the entire loop through the garden district, commercial district, past the universities, parks, zoos, historic mansions, and back to the end of the line where the seats were flipped and the driver moved to the opposite end of the car. 

On our loop, we passed a happening down a street far from Bourbon Street.  So we decided to get off and check it out.  It turned out to be the Po-Boy Preservation Festival
 and we beat the crowds.

I think there ended up being more people there than in the entire state of North Dakota!  Someone was selling t-shirts that said, "Keep Oak Street Awkward".  (Not quite as catchy as "Keep Austin Weird").  But New Orleans may have beat Austin on weirdness!

  And po-boys were served more ways than Bubba Gump knows shrimp.  We tried bar-b-q shrimp, lobster, soft shell crab, pork & coleslaw, eclairs, and craw fish bread. 
Some of the lines were 1-2 blocks long. 
Before we left, we were picking out the middles and trashing the bread - bread is just a waste of calories in my opinion.

There was music all over the place, but our favorite was 101 Runners.  Don't know what their style was, but they made the crowds crazy.  The lead singer was wearing what  might have been a Mardi Gras Costume and played a mean tambourine. 
 I picked up a few pointers for the next time I visit the
W.I.L.D. (Word Is Life Deliverance) Church back home!!

We feel like we've been on a mini-vacation,
Back to reality and the laundromat! 

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