10,000 Reasons

This blog just passed a milestone (at least to me) of 10,000 pageviews. That just means that there have been 10,000 looks at this blog.  This is you kind folks who actually go to Just Passin' Thru  - it doesn't count you who read my posts on your emails.  It also does not the count the ten thousand times I reread after posting to check again for misspelled words.

Now, I'm not a numbers person, but I'm absolutely amazed that I've had 10,000 reads.  Amazing.  I look at those numbers and wonder who I'm talking to, and what you think, and if you sometimes laugh, or roll your eyes, or delete, or wish I'd write better structured sentences.  (one blog expert actually recommends writing the way you talk, Y'all!)

The online educated guessers estimate that there are 181,000,000 bloggers out there in the big world wide web.  One hundred eighty one million bloggers at last estimate.  180,999,999 (is that right?) bloggers and little old me with 10,000 pageviews.

When I started this blog I had hardly even looked at a blog - much less written one - now I think in blog posts and photo opportunities.  My man says things to me like, "I see a blog a coming" and "this had better not show up in a blog".  Uh-oh!

I always have 3 or 4 posts sitting over in the drafty area that I am pondering over.  Some get pondered for a long time.  Some get rewritten 10,000 times and some never make the final cut.  As I write this post in draft there are actually only 9,994 pageviews for all time - not yet 10,000, but I'm writing in faith that there'll be 10,000 by.....maybe tomorrow.  I smiling.

She made her debut in June of 2010 when we went to North Dakota the first time.  That's really only about 11.83 pageviews per day for a total of 10,000 pageviews.  Not really that many pageviews - but it looks like a lot to me!

I don't advertise, sell anything, or really have any lofty goals for this blog - except to keep you updated on our where-abouts. And maybe give you a chuckle.  And maybe encourage you.  And maybe show you the amazing things going on in my life.  And maybe just to write.

I love all 10,000 of you (ok - 26 - but I love you all the same).   Thank you for telling me in the grocery store and post office that you read me. Thank you for overlooking my misspelled words and bad Texas grammar. Thank you for stopping by. Thank you. 

You are one of my 10,000 reasons..........to Bless the Lord.


  1. WooHoo! 10,000 that is so cool!!! I always look forward to your blogs. I've laughed, I've cried, I've rolled my eyes but never deleted or critiqued your sentence structure. I have forwarded your link, read it out loud to Joe and others, quoted from it and been challenged, inspired and encouraged! Keep blogging, girlfriend!

  2. You know girlfriend - this is your baby, too. That day you sat down with me and started asking questions about what I wanted to name it and how I wanted it to look, you probably thought we'd never make it. Thank you for all your help and encouragement - I couldn't have done it without you!

  3. I am amazed at how many people look at my blog as well. I shake my head when I get on in the morning and see how many hit it since yesterday. I started mine just to vent to myself - writing helps me think things through. Apparently our ramblings are... interesting (?) to some. Baffles me. Congrats on your blog hits! Writing is fun and healing, isn't it?

    1. Thanks, friend. Your blog is so interesting and a little intimidating to me (especially with all your great pictures!).


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