Seasons of our Lives

"I am with you and will watch over you
where ever you go.
I will meet all your needs
according to MY glorious riches.
Nothing in all creation will be able
to separate you from MY love."
...from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
page 324 November 5

...where ever I go...
Lord, I thank you that you meet my needs where ever I go.

This week we've traveled about 2,000 miles
going from Alexander, ND to Berwick, LA. via Snyder, TX.
We got to love on Holly and the kids for a day,
unpack, reload and take off again. 
We've gone from border to border in 5 days. 

We left snowy winter in North Dakota.
and passed through colors of fall beginning in Nebraska.
Louisiana is cool, but still beautifully green.
We passed through 3 seasons in less than a week.

Sometimes the seasons of our lives feel like that.
We just barely leave one season, when there's another one. 
I'm not finished processing the season of North Dakota yet -
and here I am beginning another one!

In North Dakota we said hasty goodbyes -
goodbyes aren't easy any way you do them.
I had left gifts and an email for the sweet gals in the
Jonah Bible Study,
but there just wasn't enough time for everyone. 
Some got a phone call and some just a note.
We left Lonnie and Vickie working on the house.
J.O. helped Ted hook onto the RV.
Alan and Diana came by for a hug just as we were pulling out.
And Dave stood on his porch and waved as we passed by.

My tears were flowing, until I noticed the
'for sale' signs flying off the RV.
  It was a funny sight.
Just like us, they tried to hang on,
but finally let go and spun away.

We have loved North Dakota
and will always hold our new friends in our hearts.
I bet we'll be back.

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