Before & After House Pics

Some of you have been asking to see before and after pictures of our little house in Alexander. 
Here is what we had finished when we passed it on
to Lonnie and Vickie:

 Front Door: Before

  Front Door: After

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Living Room: Before

Living Room: After

Kitchen: Before

Kitchen: After

Kitchen:  After

Bedroom:  Before

Bedroom: After

Bedroom: Before

Bedroom: After (Closet Removed)

The furnishings were all with the house, donated, or rummage sale finds.
All were discards - cracked, faded, chipped and broken.
We took them just like God takes us - just as we are.
He patches, repairs, and lovingly fixes our brokenness.
Then He puts us together as the body of Christ
- and somehow it works.


  1. oh, girl... you make a stager proud!!! What an amazing difference! Might even make a person want to COOK in that kitchen..
    You DID haul home that dresser in the before pic, didn't you?

  2. Actually, I had to leave most of the beautiful antiques I had gathered up - just no room. But Vickie promises to take care of them for me until I can get back! Thanks for the compliment!


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