Life in a Hamster Ball

It's Monday morning and this post is for YOU. 
You who have ever felt like you are a hamster,
 spending day after day in a ball. 
 Always runnng. 
 Never getting anywhere.
(That probably has applied to all of us at some point in time.)
I have the cure.

Go to a carnival.
Preferably with chldren.
Take lots of money.

It was the San Angelo, Texas
 Stock Show and Rodeo
Craft Show
Petting Zoo
We went on purpose.

This comes from someone who's spent her life
 trying to divert children's attention away from carnivals
"O, look over here at this interesting empty lot, dumpster, convenience station, or whatever"
Anyone else guilty?
The last time I took children to this carnival
they all lost their footlong corndogs and funnel cakes after the Tilt-a-Whirl.


It was the fartherest ride away
and she called it the "merry-go-round"

7 year old: "I've ALWAYS wanted to ride the merry-go-round."
Nana: "I've NEVER wanted to ride the ferris wheel."
12 year old brother: "Not Me"
Mom: "Nope,  I'll get sick"

So, ALWAYS and NEVER rode the ferris wheel.

And what kind of goofy grandmother would forget her camera
 and have to use her phone for amazing shots
from the top of the world.

We conquered the ferris wheel.
We threw darts to win toys
and balls to win goldfish
and begged for more.

We ate curley fries and corn dogs and cheesecake on a stick.
We drank enough sugar to keep those two energizer bunnies going for years.
We loved the critters

in the petting zoo.

Then we walked into the Mutton Bustin'  building
and Little Miss ALWAYS said,
"I've ALWAYS wanted to do that."
(FYI - San Angelo is sheep country
 and Mutton Bustin'
 is a rodeo event where children ride wooly sheep
like cowboys ride bucking horses.) 

So ride she did.

She took a tumble

and got up to do it again.

This cowgirl is down, but not out.

But the absolute favorite was

the Hamster Ball

We laughed

and laughed

and laughed

and begged for more

So when your problems
seem like giants

and you think life is for the birds

Get you some kids.
Find a carnival.

and have some fun while you're in that hamster ball!


  1. Well, I have been anxiously awaiting your next blog post. It was soooo worth it. I love the "for the birds" picture.

  2. So fun. We used to play "Simon Says" and when we would pass the carnival by the coliseum, I would say, "Simon says 'duck down'!" Worked every time!

  3. Carol, I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in avoiding carnivals!


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