The Red Bus Tour

We were almost to the airport
when this little voice in the back seat says,
"Nana, are you not going back to Texas with us?"

And this little house on the North Dakota Prairie
is painfully quiet.....

But we had such a wonderful time
and took those kids around all over
Montana and North Dakota
(probably about 2,000 miles).

The ten day whirlwind is just a memory,
but I still have pictures I want to post.

In Glacier Park, we rode a jammer,
a tour bus built in 1936,
to the International Peace Park
and crossed over into Canada
for probably the most beautiful part of the Glacier trip.

The buses have been rebuilt by Ford
in recent years and are a
"must do" for Glacier visitors.

The view from inside the bus is incredible

The border is maintained by Canada
(the clearing between the trees is the border)

We drove to the Alberta, Canada town of Waterton
and the Prince of Wales Hotel

We were in time for tea, but chose buffalo burger lunch instead.
(The guys weren't too excited about tea.)

Built in 1927,
The hotel was blown down twice by high winds
before it was completed.

All the lodges in the park were built by the Great Northern Railway,
in an effort to lure American Tourists to visit the park by train.

The best part was the view of Waterton Lake from the hotel

This might be a place to stay for a week and just sit
and bask in the beauty of creation.

Also inside the town of Waterton
was a beautiful, sideways waterfall

but the children were more interested in the critter

The T-shirt said:

Glacier National Park
On Earth,
As it is in Heaven

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