Medora, ND

Back in North Dakota,
We visited the quiet little village of Medora
at the entrance to Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Medora is history rich
and has stories to tell.
In it's beginning, it was visited by
Theodore Roosevelt
Tom Mix
General Custer

Our main plan was to see the Medora Musical

When we found a playground and let the kids
play off a little energy,
they couldn't keep their eyes off
the muscular guy working out on the play equipment
and doing basketball tricks.

Mom finally says,
don't stare -
some people just like to show off
and he's one of them...

Well, sure enough -
at the musical -
Who do you think came hopping across the stage on one hand?
Then stood on his head on a basketball?

Picture is a little fuzzy - but trust us
That's our guy!
Guess it's OK if he shows off a little at the playground

Speaking of Show-offs ~
 here's a cowgirl showing off her new hat

We had to wait for the rain shower to finish,
before we could ride the escalator down
to the amphitheater in the canyon

When the stage opened,
 we had a beautiful lightening show on the horizon
behind the singers and dancers
The musical was fun and entertaining

The next day we drove through
the National Park

and began to understand
why Teddy Roosevelt

referred to North Dakota
as the romance of his life

He came here to shoot a buffalo
and fell in love

We loved it too

"I never would have been President if it had not been for my
experiences in North Dakota"~
(Theodore Roosevelt)

and the great 10 day adventure came to an end -
it was time to head for the airport.....

Many Thanks
Many Gifts

So glad we got to do all this together

Thank you Lord, for OUR experiences in North Dakota
Thank you for family coming to visit.

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