Green Beans

While cleaning the farmer's market green beans today,
I remembered Holly telling about a green bean cooking blog.
Someone had said,
 "It's ok to cut the ends off the green beans -
just don't tell Granny."

Yep, Granny would never allow anything but
snapping those beans. 

Growing up, we snapped bushels and bushels of green beans
and shelled even more bushels of black-eyed peas,
and shucked trailer loads of corn.
I should also mention the squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, okra, 
peaches, and apricots

Of course it all went in bags then into the freezer.

Granny would frown on the new way of doing green beans.

Isn't that just how we are?
We've always done it that way.
Resisting change.

I've never gone to the Lutheran Church.
I sing different music.
I don't recite the Apostle's Creed.
I don't take communion that way.
I don't do it that way. 

I could sit in this house because there's not a church like mine,
 or friends like mine, or music I sing and I would miss a blessing.

John the Baptist was from a priestly line
but he preached a different message
and wore animal skins instead of white linen.
And the Pharisees, and Saducees, and Dontwannasees
rejected him.
They didn't do it that way.

Jesus came from the royal lineage of David
 in purity and power.
He ate with sinners and healed the sick.
But they didn't do it that way
and His new was of doing things was rejected too.

And did they ever miss The Blessing.

So I'll sing a new song,
go to a different kind of church,
do a different Bible Study,

and cut the green beans with a knife.

Just don't tell Granny!

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  1. Let me see if it will let me post a comment this time. Good Stuff!


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