Canada Border Crossing

We are just forty or fifty miles from the Canadian Border
and getting a Canada stamp on my passport
has been high on my bucket list.

When we crossed into Canada while on Glacier's Red Bus Tour,
the border agent said,
"everybody hold up your passport"
and he let us pass through.
No stamp.

But a few days earlier,
we had gone to the nearest border crossing
to get our passports stamped
and visit the closest Canadian town

We were not allowed to cross,
because we didn't have a permission letter
from the kids' daddy.
No stamp.

Now this really struck the 11 year old boy funny bone,
and he sent a text to his best bud back in Texas:
"We got booted out of Canada"

When they got home,
Was the mom ever surprised to learn
that friends and acquaintances
all knew
that they had been
Booted out of Canada!

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