Going to the Sun Road

"Going To The Sun" Road
is the only road that crosses Glacier Park.
Of course, pictures don't even begin to tell its beauty!

The road had only been open a few weeks
because of the snow
We stopped at  a waterfall along the way.

I'm just starting to figure out this video stuff...
but press play to see and hear the water fall
(and maybe it will work)

The road was built in the 30's
and is considered a national monument

It is 50 miles of steep, winding roads
and takes about 2-3 hours to drive

When we got to the top (Logan Pass)
The tourist were lined up with their cameras
snapping away at an oblivious big horn sheep
and of course we joined them....

We climbed higher to get to the snow

and found more wildlife

This guy seemed to be letting us take pictures!

He walked along beside us
posing all the way.

Somebody wore flip flops to play in the snow
and her little toes turned as pink as her sweatshirt!

And just maybe, it should be called
the Going to the SON Road

May the glory of the LORD endure forever;
 may the LORD rejoice in his works--
(Psalm 104:31)


  1. Beautiful. So hard to imagine snow when it is still triple digits here. Sure thought it was going to rain today. What a wonderful park.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I must say I am envious - snow and mountains - two of my favorite things. I hope you have a wonderful time!


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