More Gifts

#105.  Precious Cargo
at the airport

The Incredibles arrived from Texas

# 106.  Safe Travel

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center
Lewis & Clark
and their dog,

#107  Free Admittance This Week
(we would have been disappointed to have
given them $6.50 each to look at
the little museum)

#108  The Climbing Tree
in front of our house

#108.  The Playground

Around the Corner

#109  Green Eggs & Ham

#110.  The Holly Sugar Train

#111  Restored Fort Union

(Important 1800's Trading Post
for Indians and Trappers)

#112  First Lost Tooth


#113  Grandchildren Sleeping
on my living room floor

1 comment:

  1. Renee! They are beautiful! Isn't it so fun? Miss you friend.


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