Small Town America

Stepping outside our little house this morning was breathtakingly serene.
The breeze was just enough to float cottonwood puffs from
 the giant tree across the street
right to my front door.

The temp was about 70 as I walked the block and half to church.
Zion Free Lutheran church was packed,
The singing preacher has a passion for worship.
His message was sin, judgement, repentance, and salvation.
(Seems to be a theme lately).

Later this afternoon, I walked the half block to the
Norseman Museum
(which is open Sundays 2-4 in the summer only)
and then another block to the grocery store
for a bag of something I thought I needed.

From our little house,
I can walk four blocks or less to anywhere I want to go in this town:
Post Office
Food Pride
Hardware Hanks
Crafty Hands
Drug Store
Flower Shop
City Park
Senior Center
Farmer's Daughter

It is amazing.

The road to Canada

Life is Good!

46.  robin having a squirmy worm for breakfast
47.  healthy walkin' legs
48.   small town quiet

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