Why Do I Blog?

A while back, I read a blog when the blog author addressed the question of why she blogs.  She made a comment that she had gotten too involved in counting her comments.  Me?  I just wonder who in the world is reading this!

I really just started a blog (with a lot of help from a friend) when I started traveling with my man.  I wanted a way to keep friends and family updated on our where-abouts without bugging them with emails. 

But for me, writing really started in a Junior High UIL Ready Writing Contest.  I won.  I won and went on to district or whatever.  I was very sick that day, went anyway and still placed - but did not win.  But a seed was planted.

For years, I listened to Trina and Melissa extol the benefits of journaling.  Oh, I journaled.  But I don't think it counts if you have to start in a new journal every time you want to record something, because you can't find the last one you wrote in.  So, I had about 10 journals in drawers, shelves, closets, and bags - all with two or three pages written in each one. 

When I finally got serious about journaling and filled a tiny little journal - I felt like I needed to call my journaling mentors so they could congratulate me.

Then one night after a Bible Study, Nathalie threw out a question:  "How many of you think God has called you to write a book?"  I was almost the only one in the room with my hand still in my lap.  By the way - they are an incredible group of gals!  Really incredible.  I had something in me that wanted to write - but I couldn't for the life of me, know what I would write about and sure couldn't see a book in my future.

But I journaled.  And journaled.  And journaled.  Not like a Dear Diary kind of thing, but more like scriptures, and thoughts, and what I heard from God, and I drew pictures, and I made charts.  I filled another bigger journal.  And it was like there was just something in me that needed to be put on paper. 

Now, my journaling has expanded to this blog.  And the crazy thing is...I think in blogs.  Sometimes when we are driving along, he asks what I'm thinking about and I say, "a blog.  I'm just writing a blog in my head."

So sometimes I know what I'm writing here is from God.  Sometimes I know it's just from me. 

Why do I blog?  So my friends and family can stay up with our travels and because I just have this stuff in my head sometimes that needs to come out. 

But I pray that somehow, someway, by the grace of God - someone is encouraged, blessed, or inspired by this blog.


  1. This friend is encouraged, blessed AND inspired..... ....... and by the way, Thank You for being obedient to the "call" to share your thoughts etc....

  2. Encouraged, blessed, and inspired - yes, I have been through your blog - thank you!


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