Waste Not, Want Not

 I will set before my eyes no vile thing. (Psalm 101:3) NIV
Well that's one scripture that doesn't apply to me at all.
Never gave it a thought.
Because righteous little old me never sets her eyes on anything VILE.
Vile, according to the Free Online Dictionary, means
loathsome, disgusting, unpleasant, objectionable,
morally depraved, wicked, degrading, wretched
Nope - not my scripture.......

Then, I happened upon the same scripture in another version:
I will set no worthless thing before my eyes (Psalm 101:3) ASV
Whoa!  Wait a minute.....


So, I looked up the Hebrew word used here:
It means:
worthless, good for nothing, unprofitable, wicked,

As in time wasters?
Does that mean surfing the net?
Worthless Calories?
Reading Christian novels?

So a few months back, when I first saw this scripture,
I wrote in my journal
the things I could have accomplished during these times
in the trailer.

I could have:
read the Bible through
written a book
made a quilt
learned to watercolor
learned to sign a new song
prayed more
studied more
walked more
exercised more!

So this trip:
I brought my sewing machine and unfinished quilt projects
I'm typing my mom's book about her family
I'm reading the Bible through consecutively
I'm walking the town,
I'm exercising,
I'm eating healthier,
and I'm working on watercolor

Nothing Vile
Nothing Worthless
Nothing Wasted


  1. guess that would include cleaning as worthiness ......maybe once a month or so would be sufficient...... agree?

  2. Thank you for a timely and precise reminder for this new season in my life. (wish you were closer and could teach me to make quilts). Miss you.


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