100 Years

This morning all the firetrucks drove by to the hospital at the end of the street,
where they circled the parking lot with sirens blaring. 
Then paraded down Main Street with sirens blaring.

A local says it's the 100th Anniversary of Tioga Fire & Rescue.
Her t-shirt says
Tioga Fire & Rescue
100 Years and Still Making House Calls

A little later I see activity at the other end of the street,
so I meandered down to the fire station for lunch. 
 But the unexpected treat was the giant flag flying from the
antique fire truck's ladder.

This flag is a commemorative 9/11 flag destined to fly in all 50 states. 

An end of the flag had been removed for signatures
of firefighters

While I nibbled on my pulled pork sandwich the flag was taken down,

 carefully folded by firemen,

 gently & respectfully
replaced in its travelling trunk

and sent in a rescue vehicle
to the next town
with a motorcycle escort

Today's Gifts:
#69.  A Parade (I love parades)
#70.  Firefighters & Rescue Personnel
#71.  Shiny Red Firetrucks
#72.  Giant Flags
#73.  Stars and Stripes
#74.  Being American
#75.  Patriotism

God Bless America

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