Sewing Machines for Uganda

The minute she told us that she was giving away treadle sewing machines at the
 Women's Conference in Uganda - I was ready to put my old treadle on the boat. 
But the realtiy of that thought flew right out of mind as fast as it went in,
 because she said she was believing God for money to buy
15 NEW treadle sewing machines over there.

So I sold my old No.66 Singer for enough money to buy
two brand new machines in Uganda.
I don't know when I've been so excited about a giving opportunity.
I even bought some super easy patterns for her to tuck into her suitcase.

Each machine costs $150
and includes lessons, scissors, fabric and other sewing supplies.

Pearlene believed God for 15 sewing machines
and she got 35.

35 poorer than poor women will have a chance to learn a skill that can
 earn money to help feed their families.

It's not to late to donate.
Just click on her name to be redirected to her web site.

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