ReUse ~ ReStore ~ RePurpose

I confess - I like junk.
I just like it.
I like to buy it cheap, glue it, clamp it, sand it, paint it, use it and admire my treasure.  I really love old lamps, because they are so much more interesting than new ones. I've used them for years.
The other day I was testing my trove of dollar lamps.
 The switch on the first one didn't work, so it went in the trash box.  .

But when I plugged in the next lamp - the cord blew right off the plug in my hand.  I got a little shock and a black hand.  And that plug was still in the socket with exposed hot wire that I still had to do something with. So I promised the safety minded man that I would dispose of the rest of the old lamps and buy new ones from the only store in the next town (Walmart),  

From the minute the thing blew up - I knew there was a double lesson for me. 

Is it that my wiring is faulty and I can't be the conduit for His power to flow through in order to shine His light in the darkness? 
Or that I need to allow Him to restore, refinish, remake, rewire, repurpose me so that I CAN be the woman He's called me to be? 
I sure don't want my faulty wiring to blow up on somebody. 
 So I submit to the
and gluing
and clamping
and painting
and yes - rewiring. 
 I want to live fully right where I am so that any light that shines is His Light
and not be a shocking temporary flash that leaves an ugly residue.

"Let your light shine before men,
that they may see your good deeds
and praise your Father in heaven."
(Matthew 5:16) 
(Red because Jesus said it)

But there's this one lamp I just can't part with.
The body of the lamp is a little off center.
The brass is dull.
The plug is bent.
  I think I'll rewire it and give it another chance to light the world we are living in.

So in this little North Dakota furnished rent house with 7 different floor coverings, orange floral couch, 50's mint green kitchen tile, harvest gold stove, and pink flamingo mirror - the turquoise lamp stays. 

 Maybe I'll come up with a turquoise and orange flamingo pillow!

And hey,
Thanks for joining my madness!

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  1. How fun! I love old lamps too. And I especially enjoy rewiring them. I thought about some of the lamps that you and Holly say at Round Rock or Round Top. The lamps, the bedside table and "the one-night stand". The turquoise lamp reminds me of the one we had in the 50's. Thanks for posting


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