Thoughts about Nana Camp

Maybe it has something to do with just having the significant birthday or maybe it was just dragging out all the old stuff - but Nana Camp was a blast from the past and a walk down memory lane.  I've never thought of myself as sentimental, but it appears that I need to change my thinking.

For our tea party, when Hannah changed clothes with each crumpet, I wore the same outfit my mother wore to tea parties with Holly and Heather.  Her old pink squaw dress with silver rick rack and her silver blouse.  Oh, my goodness.  It wasn't planned, it was just there, so I wore it.  Our tea set was hand china painted for Heather by her Granny.

We decided that we just didn't have enough dress-up clothes for the tea party and went thrift store shopping.  We found wonderful clothes and even pink satin heels that went home with her.  I thought about the dress up parties of years past - my mom always crashed the parties in her pink skirt, silver blouse and a mask.

Some of the toys in the toy box were her mom's toys.  And she played with everybody's dolls, included my mine.

Our last day, I pulled out all the old stuffed animals and told Hannah she could take home any of them she wanted.  She said no thanks.  But when I told her they were headed for the thrift store, she started loading sacks and took almost all of them.  They will probably still end up in a thrift store.

Teaching her to sew made me remember learning to sew in 4-H.  I can still remember that yellow gingham skirt with 3 rows of elastic at the waist.  My first garment in Junior High Home Economics was the hardest dress pattern I could find and it looked pretty good.  I need to keep teaching her sewing skills.

She eats like a little humming bird, flitting around from snack to snack.  One day she had eaten about every 30 minutes - cereal, fruit, popcorn, pizza, apple, popcorn, cookie, popcorn, apple and about 4 that afternoon, she said, "Nana, have we had lunch?"  I might get fired for that!

We learned a scripture every day, beginning with - I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and ending with Chidren obey your parents.  I thought she might need that little reminder after being the princess for a week! 

It was a great week and I feel blessed above all Nana's.

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