Ray, North Dakota

After a long, long drive,
a 50 mile detour,
and an alternate route around
flooded Minot

We finally made it.

We found Ted's work site and visited with his supervisor.

We found an RV spot in Ray
(about 7 miles from Tioga, where Ted will be working)

Ted walked into the little auto parts store for wiper blades and to inquire about the trailer space out back.  He was told that there were 90 on the waiting list.  After a little chit chatting - the spot was ours!  It's so great to walk in God's favor!!

There's nothing pituresque here,
just RV's, pickups and gravel,
between the NAPA store and the rodeo arena.
The Snow White Diner is next door.
For Ted's sake, I hope their chocolate malts are terrible!

But we are most grateful to have a place to park.

This is Sunday morning.

Ted started work today
and I plan to walk in the park,
find a church,
visit the market,
 hunt a laundramat,
and clean house.

Ray, I'm sure, was once a quiet little town.
But trucks roar through here non-stop now.
It is home to the Grain Palace Festival every August.
Ray's population is 534
(not including us oil field treasures)

Last night, light was shining in the windows until about 11
and turned back on at 5 this morning. 
That will take a little adjusting.

Now for my first day in Ray, ND.

This is the day the LORD has made
I will rejoice and be glad!

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  1. Grace and peace to you dear sister............ what an adventure.


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