For 15 years I have buried my nose in everything that was hers,
 hoping, I suppose, to somehow bring her back through her scent. 
 At first it was her clothes, then her pillow, her blanket, her hairbrush, until I finally stopped.

But this week I was trying to make some room in the bathroom vanity (the bathroom that was hers)
and pulled out a small plastic storage box. 

 I smelled her the minute I opened the box. 
I smelled her.

The contents of the box were hers - things I never got around to tossing:  facial cleanser, firming mask, alcohol swabs, sucrets, ear plugs, various over the counter meds, and
luxury body powder - ETERNITY by Calvin Klein.

I smelled her today.

Heather Renee Floyd
10-23-77  -  9-11-96


  1. You made me cry. How precious is that-that God had that box hidden til now.

  2. Renee, It's Carl Martin. I think of her and that smell all the time even after 18 years. She was a special girl to a lot of people and I am just glad that I had the opportunity to get to know her. I hope that you are Ted are doing well.


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