Godly Girlfriends

To my Godly Girlfriends,
and you know who you are.
I may not see you often and
We don't have to talk every day,
but whenever we see each other,
we pick up right where we left off.
Don't you just love that?

Being away so much has made me value
your friendship all the more.

If we could have lunch today,
I'd tell you that:

We arrived safe and sound
Three long driving days
I drove the old 5 speed 4X4 one ton and we bonded
The man pulled the RV with the limo truck
We sold my truck the night before we left
You'll have to drive me around when I get home
Beginning in South Dakota we saw lots of water and sandbags 
This is the most rain they've had in 100 years
Back home we are the dryest in over 100 years
The flooded Mouse river is the highest in recorded history
We only drove in water once
We detoured around the flooded town of Minot
Of the 4,000 flooded homes,
only 375 had flood insurance
Everybody has a story about the flood
We visited the now rented house we bought last year
- 70 miles away and it looked good
We've reconnected with a few folks here
Our neighbor there was so proud of his serape,
 you'd have thought we gave him a new car
We got an RV spot just by the favor of God
I went to church yesterday and most of the service,
We confessed our sins and prayed for our country
The lady at the flower shop has a son in Midland
I went to the little grocery store 3 times today
and the one checker's first and middle names are the same as mine
The postmistress and I have a mutual friend
A kid told me he liked my Tennessee accent
I told him I liked his
We are only 50 miles from the Canadian border
My passport will have a Canadian stamp
I made rhubarb pie and walleye for dinner
My man is liking his work situation
The company he works for provides 3 meals a day on site
I could be out of a cooking job
I haven't got my sewing machine or watercolors out yet
The family next door has little children that miss their Nana
And must recognize me as one
I found a great little park behind us with a lake and trees
The temperature was 51 this morning
It doesn't get dark here until 10:30
I already miss you

And if we could have lunch
I would ask you:

What's new?
How are the kids?
How are the grand kids?
Is the remodel finished?
How's the mission project going?
How's work?
How was your last doctor's visit?
When is the baby due?
Are you terribly excited about retirement?
How was church Sunday?
Where was that fire?
Is my house ok?
Have you done Grana Camp yet?
How hot is it there?

And if we were having lunch,
I'd know the answers to all those questions,
Please, please, please let me hear from you!!

And...thanks for being my friend.


  1. You say so much in so few words....... it's like I'm right there in the midst of your adventure...... love you dear friend...... at 9 p.m. last night it was 99 here in college station :-)

  2. We missed you at lunch today. The remodel is ALMOST finished. The fire was close to Janell's but she was in Dallas wedding dress shopping with her daughter-in-law to be. It came up right to the golf course. Patrick called Julie during lunch, actually we were almost finished. She excused herself to talk to him. I found her in the foyer(?) in tears. He is ok but so many of his friends and fellow soldiers have been killed of injured. It just got to her, bad. When's the baby due? Praise God I am not pregnant. Pearlene is stressing about Moses not being able to go to Uganda. And how many vehicles to take to Dallas. And who will ride with who. She's not stressing over that. Church was awesome!!! I will check on your house. Who's pregnant? Linda wasn't there. More Grana-Nana stuff, I think. Jacqueline wasn't there but she has got to be excited about retirement. It was over 100 again. Too hot to be pregnant that's for sure!

    I love your blogs. They just get better and better. I am still trying to figure out why my is not refreshing itself on the followers side.

    Sounds like it is a blessing on both sides for y'all to be back in ND.

    Love you! Nath

  3. Actually, girlfriends - these questions are for a variety of about 30 of you - but only one is young enough to be pregnant! But lots of us could be expecting grandbabies! Several are in remodels. And Nathalie - don't drive out to my house - my neighborly girlfriends are watching it and will let me know if everything is not ok! Thanks for your comments!


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