Whirlwind Tour

Day 1
Southwest Airlines delivered us some precious cargo from Midland, Texas!
and now we're off on a whirlwind tour of cajun country.
We started with lunch at Camillias Grill in New Orleana
Then a trip to the beach in Gulfport, Mississippi
(as requested by Hannah Banana).
The temperature was cool, but it didn't stop these two.

Day 2
More beach - just can't get enough.
We had to leave too soon.
Back in Louisiana, we went to an alligator farm.
We fed them, petted them, and held some babies.

Day 3
Zydeco Breakfast at Cafe de Amis in Breaux Bridge
It was an exciting morning with Food Network there filming a session and a packed dancefloor
(and the food was worth the hour wait).
We were seated at a large table with a family from
guess where - Midland, Texas!

Zydeco Music inspired a couple of street musicians
(but  their cup stayed empty)

Day 4
Swamp Tour with Aligator Annie's son
Alligators weren't bothered at all by the tourists
Look who got to drive the boat!

Not everything on the swamp tour was interesting.

Then we were off to Brian and Jeanette's house for a family crawfish boil
Brian gave cooking lessons
Brian also assured us that he could make "coon ass" women out of us in no time!
I think he was counting the crawfish we downed!
Does this say Louisiana or what?
Brian's special crawfish recipe was voted favorite of our trip!

Day 5

Tour of Laura - A Creole Plantation
(Borrowed Photo)

Our tour guide was passionate about the Laura
and told a lot of interesting stories.
He had our complete attention
This picture is of the slave quarters.

It was a delightful tour!
Voted Best in Louisiana.

And all good things must come to an end.

Tomorrow the wagon train heads west.

What a fun few days we've had!

1 comment:

  1. Ok, you were what, 7 miles from me and didn't call???? Wowsers! :-(

    Is Alligator Annie's son as good as she was? We loved her tours, but I didn't even realize they were still giving them!

    Did the Laura tour live up to what I said?

    So glad you did a lot of touring! Sounds like you had a great time. You missed the most important thing though...

    ...me... Just a few silly miles. Bummer! Lol...

    Gonna miss you!


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