Morgan City, Louisiana

The Achafalaya River Divides Morgan City and Berwick.
This is the flood wall .

Lightouse on the Berwick Side
of the Achafalaya River.
Built in 1858 - Inactive since 1916.

Historic Downtown Morgan City runs alongside the River,
across from the flood wall.
I am told that the river floods when
North Dakota's snow melts and comes down!

Morgan City is known as the "jumbo" shrimp capital of the world. A "blessing of the fleet" is held each year to insure a safe return and a bountiful harvest of the shrimp trawlers. The Spirit of Morgan City is a monument to the shrimping/seafood industry that is a major economical force in the area, along with offshore oil drilling.

 Local lore is that the boat washed ashore during a hurricane and was left as a monument.

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