Bridges in Texas have signs that tell us what body of water we are crossing.  Colorado River, Antelope Creek, or Dry Creek - even if that creek hasn't seen water in 20 years - we know it's name.  But here in Louisiana, the signs on the bridges are the names of the bridges, which I assume are names of famous Louisiana politicians like Huey P. Long. 

So when we cross a bridge we are trying to figure out what we are crossing.
  It could be a river, a bayou, a lake or a canal. 

 These bridges (the old and the new) cross the Achafalaya River.

This is the "big bridge" over the Mississippi River:

... it may be the bridge over the Intercoastal Canal...

This is a lift bridge for the railroad:

There are lift bridges, draw bridges, and swing bridges.
I don't have pictures because I'm usually driving over them
 and can't get a good picture.

And this little bridge crosses...
um...a ditch? a stream? a creek?...
I really think it's just a drainage ditch
Anyway, it crosses over to
the woods or the swamp or the camp house or the swamp monstor
or whatever is over there!
These bridges are everywhere -
but with the same sign
- No Trespassing-

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  1. You have such a neat sense of humor. I love the little bridge. I thought it might just cross over a gator. I love all your pictures.


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