One of the greatest things about West Texas
is the unobstructed view of the sunset
Last night we sat in our regular spot for the show,
then we grilled and ate hamburgers on the patio.

We had been working so hard
and decided to take a break

While on the patio, we saw a couple of shooting stars
so we moved to the front of the house
 for a better view of the night sky.

We wrapped up in wool Indian blankets.
For a least an hour the only moving things we saw
were airplanes
- not even a car passed.

Then we started to get a little melancholy.

The pine tree in the front yard stretched to the sky.
I'm sure it grew 10 feet while we were away.
We remembered it when it was just
a living Christmas tree in a bucket
and nobody loved it.
It was too much trouble to keep it alive,
couldn't have lights,
and didn't hold many ornaments.
Can't remember how old the girls were,
but sure wish we'd done that every year.

The wind rustled through the needles of the tree
and we remembered camping under
 the Colorado pinesand the aspens
and wished for one more elk hunt.

The sky was incredible.
How sad that so many people  never see the stars.
How blessed we are that we can.

We discussed the past and the future.

"Where else do you want to go?"
"What else to do you want to do?"

"We've had a good life, haven't we?"

"I'm so glad for the years we rode motorcycles."
"But, I think it's time to move on."

So today, he polished Harley.

We both got a little teary when he cranked it that one last time.
potato, potato, potato...

I just love that sound.
potato, potato, potato
Only a Harley.
That deep rumble will probably turn my head
 as long as it will turn.

And off they went to the motorcycle consignment store.

And the sun sets on another era of our lives.

Does anybody want to buy a nice used leather jacket?

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  1. If it was red leather I just might have to place a bid. Nice post.


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