What Are the Chances?

Saturday night we enjoyed "steak night" at the
Lonesome Dove in Zephur, Texas
 with good friends, Harold and Janice. 
While we were stuffing our faces and licking our lips,
 the couple at the next table asked about the ribeyes. 

That led to the trying to connect questions
 "Do you live here?
Where are you from?
 What do you do?" 

 Harold and the man talked about dirt work and building ponds, because they live in the same area and know some of the same people.  Then we got around to names.  The man at the table said, "I am Mike Nuss", then he and Harold kept talking dirt. 

But Ted got out his phone and started scrolling through his contacts, until he stopped on Mike Nuss.  He just sat there grinning waiting his turn to talk.  Boy was Mr. Nuss surprised when Ted asked if his phone number was still xxx-xxx-xxxx. 

We had met Mr. Nuss when he leased my dad's land for hunting quail 5 or 6 years ago and Ted had kept his number. 
 We had quite a visit.

But I wonder, what are the chances of running into someone you know when you are out and about?

We seem to have these things happen often.

Is it coincidence?
Is it luck?
Is it because of our age and the number of people we've met?

I say it's the favor of God.

But I wonder how many people there are around us that we have a connection with,
but never know because we don't talk to them.

What ARE the chances?

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