Home Sweet Texas Home

The whirlwind tour is over and now we are home working in another whirlwind!

It's amazing how beautiful your own house looks when you've been gone for a while!  I just stood inside the door and took it all in.  This ole shack ain't that bad!

Our bed felt sooo good and being able to walk around it was wonderful.  Oh! and a real shower!!

We've cleaned the fridge,washed clothes, mowed the grass, got all the vehicles started and inspected, hauled off trash, unloaded, and reloaded the trailer.  The snake catchers on the patio reminded me to clean the leaves off first thing, in case there are critters hiding there.  We drove through the dry pasture, but could see that the new seed we planted a year ago had come up thick. There's still million more things to do. 

We want to be super ready for the next assignment!  (That is speaking in faith, is it not?) When the call comes to be there next week, we want to make a quick exit!

In the midst of it all we are trying catch up with friends!

Can't believe it's been 10  months and it all survived without us!

There's no place like home.......


  1. Glad you are back home! See ya soon!

  2. Glad you made it home and are enjoying your little corner of the earth. Have fun!


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