What Did We Do Before Cell Phones?

Going to Long Beach, Mississippi yesterday, we used Greta, our GPS and the phone application on my Android.  The phone had an  photo of the location and verbal directions.  While registering at the Holiday Inn Express, the phone started talking and I showed the 20 something year old clerk the picture.  She asked to look at the phone, wanted to know what kind it was, and then said, "you have a better phone than I do." 

Later today I was laughing about her being surprised that old folks can be cool, and I started to reminisce about all the phones I've seen in my short years...

My Aunt Genie had an oak crank phone that hung on the wall and connected directly to an operator in Hermleigh, Texas.  I still have our family's black dial phone (Hillcrest 3-6041) and we still talked to an operator, hopefully family friend Mozelle Wall.  We were on a party line with 7 other families with a total of 9 teenagers (we could hear when someone was listening in and complain when it was our turn to talk).  How about phone booths - are they still around?  Then we got touch tone phones, slim line phones, extra long cords, cordless, voice mail, caller id, call waiting, bag cellular phones, flip cellulars, and now smart phones.  We've come a long way baby!

And yes, old people can have cool phones!

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