The thought ocurred to me that one day my man is going to call and say, "Hey, girl. Start packing.  It's time to go home." and I will say, "Oh, No!  I haven't eaten enough fresh seafood!".  So my new goal is to eat enough!

I have bought crab meat from the folks down the block, and shrimp from the back of a pickup, and crawfish from the seafood market down the road, and oysters from the grocery store.  I have cooked boiled shrimp, grilled shrimp, fried shrimp, crab cakes, crawfish bread, boiled crawfish, crawfish scrambled eggs, fried oysters, oysters rockefeller, and oyster stew. (Sounds like Forest Gump)  I still haven't had enough!

The man at the seafood market assured me that two people could eat 15 pounds of crawfish - but these two Texans couldn't begin to eat that much.  So I shelled the little left over critters like shelling black-eyed peas.  In no time I turned 8 pounds of cooked crawfish into a half sandwich bag of peeled crawfish tails. Hmmm.

 Here we are boiling away under the cypress trees.
 Cajun seasoning is great for clearing the sinuses. 

We reminisced back to the first time we ate crawfish,
at a festival in downtown Dallas with our girls. 
Heather's crawfish talked to us (as did most of her food).

We actually found a talker among our catch.

He's saying "Hello, all you Texans and North Dakotans. 
Wish you were here."

Someday, when my Father calls and says,
 "Hey, Girlfriend. It's time to go home",
I hope I feel like I've done enough.
Loved enough
Served enough.
Learned enough.
Taught enough.
Given enough.

Of course, today.  I haven't done enough.

In spite of how I feel, I know that
He loves me enough.

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  1. Thanks dear friend for reminding me to keep my heart and mind on this moment and His presence...


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