Oil Spill

The down side to the beach on Grand Isle was the lingering evidence of the Deep Water Horizan explosion and oil spill from last year. 
 The beaches were open and looked pretty good. 

Here's a tar ball nestled among tiny shells

This part of the beach has some black on it.

And here's a group of "yellow boot" workers
cleaning up the beach.

I don't think they were volunteers, because they were all men.
Not being sexist (?), but surely volunteers would have included women.

Last week in Gonzales, we saw one holding/staging area
for the BP's oil spill clean-up supplies.
Here is one of many stacks of booms
that were tied together and anchored in an effort to contain the oil.
The local newspaper reported that BP has left over 4,000 anchors in the Gulf and will be attempting to retrieve them.  Every newspaper has at least one article about the spill.

This is a stack of oil absorbant.

Attorney's advertising signs abound, but the locals seem to be less displeased with BP's handling of the spill than with the government's.

A side note that even though the off-shore drilling ban has been lifted,
 permits have not been granted for future drilling by the government agency in charge.  

Some reports say that the off-shore drilling ban has cost up to 12,000 people their jobs in the Gulf region.   

And just maybe these suds are from the Dawn dish detergent used to clean birds.

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