Mississippi Coast

We booked a hotel directly across from the beach with a room with a view.  But the beautiful view was fog - couldn't even see a thing - just fog! 

 By the way, Cajuns measure fog by the Tic Meter. 
 Today's fog measured 2 tics - it was TIC, TIC!! Get it? 

 Anyway, the fog lifted about 2 and we got to see a little of the white sandy beach and sparkling brown water! 

We drove to the light house through the former parking lot of the Broadwater Hotel,
which was destroyed by Katrina. 
The light house also suffered damage.

For miles along the clean beachfront,
houses were damaged, destroyed, removed, and rebuilt. 
We saw blocks and blocks of foundations and driveways. 
There seemed to be a lot of new construction as well.

The house is gone, but someone is enjoying the tree swing. 
Other property owners had fenced their empty lots and set white Adirondack chairs under the centuries old oak trees.  
If trees could talk, would they tell us all they had seen?  Hurricanes, Oil Spills, and a Civil War?
But these people aren't letting little things like hurricanes and oil spills get them down!

And did I mention that I love the beach?

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