Mardi Gras

Our last one-day vacation (on Ted's day off) included our first Mardi Gras Parade in Slidell, LA.
Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday.
Fat Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday, when Lent fasting begins. 
Fat Tuesday has grown from the last day to eat rich foods, to a carnival atmosphere lasting a month or more.

My understanding is that a krewe is sort of a social club. 
 Members pay dues, participate in fund raisers, crown a king and queen,
attend balls and sponsor parades.  The individual members also pay for the beads they throw.

Here are a couple of the floats.  
 There must have been 20 people throwing beads on some of the floats.

An up close shot of bead tossers!
The girls in this cheer squad were looking a little tired.

This enterprising fellow has everything imaginable for sale.

This is Emma Rose, who brought her girl scout cookies to sell. 
The Papa pining away for his own Hannah Grace almost bought her out!

It's all about the beads!

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