New Orleans Saints

Today we drove into New Orleans (70 miles) to catch some of the festivities at the Saints last season game.  The tickets were sold out and we were warned that scalpers sell counterfeit tickets, so we just walked around and looked at the fans.  We did find Champions Square across from the dome - the game was playing on a big screen and food was available from area restaurants.  Here's some of what we took in:

Ted in front of Champions Square

Here are some of the most interesting fans:
This guy must be a musician.
His scarf looks like piano keys.

An umbrella?
Not a cloud in the sky.

What a hat - must be a Texan!

And how about this hat?
It still had the price tag on it.

And me in front of the Louisiana Super Dome
(the same one that housed 30,000 Katrina victims)

Go Saints!


  1. Go Saint! That would be you. Enjoyed seeing the fans. Miss you so much.

  2. Saints fans are a unique bunch. Love seeing the pics - bet it was a hoot to be there. I love New Orleans - it used to be my favorite place to go... need to go back!


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