Swamps and Bayous

Last weekend, we took a drive out Four Mile Road.
We were driving between a bayou and a swamp -
the road got a little swampy in places.

The locals say the alligators will be out on a warmer day.

Looking over a little wooden bridge

And here's a little $42,000 home for sale in the bayou.
(It's a little houseboat, recently remodeled)

Behind this gate is some guys camp house. 
A lot of local men have camps where they go on weekends
and do whatever men do at camps!
This one is right by the road,
but some are only accessible by swamp boat.

Wasn't it smart of God not to make
every place on the earth the same.?
It makes travel really interesting.

1 comment:

  1. Indeed it was smart of God to give us so many things to enjoy - it keeps us from getting bored! I love 4 mile bayou - we drive there just to take pictures of wildlife. When we get a warm day we will head out and find some gators on your little road!


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