Morning Has Broken

Something in me just needs to look out the door first thing every morning.  Maybe the country girl in me just needs to see out - make sure all is still well in the world - or just feel the morning air. 

This morning I stuck my head out, grabbed my camera, pulled a hoodie over my sweats and flip-flopped my way to the lake for a better view of the sun blazing in the east. 

As I watched it change, I wondered....
How will the sky look when HE comes?
HE will come from the east, won't HE?
Will the ducks, and the ravens, and the eagles
 be praising HIM, too?
Will the majestic glory of the morning
call me outside to witness
HIM returning in all HIS majesty and glory?
I sure hope so.


  1. loved your insights this morning dear friend....

  2. I felt blessed by this sunrise too Renee. Interesting that we both looked out and watched this days rising sun. One of God's many blessings my friend.

  3. WOW! Our morning here was FOGGY! What a glorious (and frightful) day it will be when my Jesus I will see..
    I see that Billie was finally able to post comments!

  4. Beautiful thoughts for an amazing sunrise. Enjoyed reading and seeing. I often think the same thing... or very near. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Enjoyed seeing God's creation change so beautifully.


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