I can't let this day pass without a post -
if for no other reason than today's date.

  A facebook friend in North Dakota posted that today -
1/11/11 at 1:11 the temperature was 1 degree. 
How cool is that?  Yeah - pretty darn cool as in cold...
 Here is Southern Louisiana I am freezing at 45. 
I would have never made it in the North Land!

In fact, a camillia is still blooming here in the RV park:

it started me thinking about how everyplace we've been
 has both good and bad.

Louisiana has navel oranges, satsumas, tangerines, sweet potatoes, strawberries, and camillias in the winter.
But the summers host sweltering heat with high humidity, and of course the occasional hurricane.

North Dakota has mild summers, lush rolling prairie grass, wheat fields, corn fresh from the field and chokecherries.
But they have had (so far) 55 inches of snow this winter
and below zero temps.
I wonder,what do they do with all that snow?

The RV picture window overlooked a scenic vista in New Mexico complete with antelope and jackrabbits.
But it was parked in a man camp 40 miles from anything
and the sign on the gate said,
"Watch for Rattlesnakes"

Then there's West Texas
home of the most beautiful sunsets in the world
 and beautiful lacy mesquite trees,
 and heat and cold, and wind and snakes.

But they all have wonderful folks that have stolen our hearts
and that is the best part of any place we've been.

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  1. Love that you share your thoughts. I always say every person leaves a heart string. I love meeting people, everyone has a story. If your camera has a macro setting, it will take a close up picture :-)


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