Scenic Byways of Louisiana

We grabbed the leftover crawfish tails and some Louisiana Strawberries for breakfast as we headed out the door
 for a day of exploring. 

The backroads from Berwick to Breaux Bridge (Bro Bridge) are advertised as being a scenic route.  And we passed many beautiful antebellum (that means pre-civil war)  homes - but the man doesn't stop for his lady to take pictures,  This was a picture of something I thought was beautiful!

But I did manage to get a few good pictures at stop lights:

...and through the windshield

As we were driving along, we talked about building a new house - a shop building with a  kitchen, bedroom, and bath with a jacuzzi tub, and a place to park the rv.  Then we passed our dream house (and this time the man stopped for a picture):

We strolled the sidewalks of old Breaux Bridge, shopped antique stores and an ate at a wonderful french cajun cafe - Cafe Des Amis.  They tickled our taste buds with gumbo, turtle soup, shrimp & grits, and white chocolate bread pudding. So far - it's won our vote for best in Louisiana. 

From there we headed south to see what the
 Gulf of Mexico looks like in La.
We didn't seen any oil spill, but did see a lot of debris from the sugar cane harvest.

Here's a great boat in the bayou view from a bridge. 
(While driving, of course!)
 The smoke in the background is burning sugar cane fields.

But the highlight of the day must have been getting to see Louisiana Black Bear

and of course, we stopped for pictures!
It was a great day!


  1. Oh what a great blog! I can so identify with taking pictures thru the windshield. Joe gets a little miffed with me, "Turn around" "Could you back up?"
    I laughed out loud when I saw your dream home. And this is funny, I was telling my mom this morning that there are only two things that I can think of that I really don't like to eat. One is liver and the other is turtle soup, and that's because, to me, turtle tastes like liver. She said she thought it was supposed to taste like chicken. Nope but wouldn't it be funny when we eat chicken to say it tastes like gater or frog legs? :)
    And I had to think about Beth Moore when I saw the bear photo.
    Sounds like a great day! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nathalie, Thanks for being such a great blog cheerleader! Your comments make my day. The turtle soup actually had only tiny tidbits of meat and maybe beef broth and sherry - which is probably what made it so tasty. (Or maybe it was the extra sherry they brought to the table!!) It was Ted's soup and he added the whole little pitcher of sherry to his bowl of soup!

  3. That highway has some pretty sights. If you set your camera to sports photos you will have a better chance of getting pictures of moving objects. Men just don't appreciate what we do. Mine has finally got the hang of it... lol... Love the bear shot!


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