Yesterday Andy Griffin Griffith died

Yesterday I went to the Farmer's Daughter (to borrow their full length mirror and let them help accessorize my 3 um 6 outfits for the fancy wedding this weekend)
Yesterday I visited with the police chief while he had coffee at the Farmer's Daughter
Yesterday I visited with folks on the street on my way to the drug store.
Yesterday at dusk (10 pm) I shared neighbor's fireworks sizzles and booms with my grand kids (1400 miles away listening in on the phone).
Yesterday I marvelled at the peaceful little town I live in.

Yesterday I wished to share a cup of coffee and a slice of rhubarb pie with you on my porch.

Let's get caught up....

How are your kids, grand kids, job, trips, remodels, Bible Studies?  What is new in you life?  What is God teaching you these days?

Yes, this porch still needs some work.  I found a carpenter, but he hasn't been back with the bid.  Pat picked up the rockers for us in Bismarck - that's the closest Cracker Barrel.  The white captain's chair is some body's cast-off.  It reminds my man of the chair at the feed store in days gone by.  These pansies just keep hanging on - they would have been long gone in Texas by now.  Can you smell my lavender?  Do you think it will live through the winter?  I haven't watered this grass at all. 

Oh, look!  There's the Pederson's riding their bicycles.  The pool must be closed - here come the children all wrapped up in their towels. That's the Olson's driving by.  See the girl dribbling the basketball down the street? - She's the Olson's daughter.  Clarice mowed her grass today, guess I'd better mow mine.  That's the other Olson's driving by.  Those neighbors lost their cat.  That lady walking by is from church, but I don't remember her name. That man helped us get the tree stump out of the yard.  Just wave.  I don't know them either.

Yes, this is Mayberry, North Dakota, USA.  And, yes, like the sign I saw this morning, I believe that Mayberry is a state of mind like contentment and so many other good things we let allude us, because of our state of mind.

Thanks for sharing my front porch ramblings.

And Happy Independence Day to you and yours!

Would you like another slice of pie?


  1. I'm going to have our traditional Arlene's Texas sheet cake....and maybe root beer. Wish you were here!

  2. Thank you for the visit! I love getting to chat and catch up on the happenings of your "Mayberry"! Miss you, friend.

  3. yes, with ice cream on top......... you make me crazy talking about rhubarb pie........ :0


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