Bombs Bursting in Air

Tonight at 10:45 I was wandering the streets (it was still light outside) watching all the neighborhood fireworks

 - there seemed to be the battle of firecrackers. 

And the country club hadn't even started yet.

 I finally grabbed my camera out of my packed bag (airport tomorrow) and wished I had researched taking photos of fireworks.

  We finally gave up and drove around to have a closer look. 

 People all over town were set up in the streets firing off the big ones.

 It's midnight now and they are still going.

Never in my life, have I seen such a show!

The pictures are bad,
but I just wanted to share our amazement with you.

My eyes are bleary and I probably have 1,000 misspelled words.

Speaking of which,
I know it's
Andy Griffith
Sorry Andy.

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