DIY Divas

The other day I needed some essential ingredient for the delicious healthy supper I was making for my hardworking man.  I dusted off my work clothes and walked 2 blocks to our little grocery store.  It was after 5 and full of working men in their grungy FR's (fire retardant clothing) picking up pizzas and ice cream for their suppers.

I had to stand in line! The locals say they never had to stand in line before we (the oil field) came.

A magazine caught my eye.  Actually, the featured article caught my eye - DIY Diva.  DIY Diva? There she stood in all her glory - young, tan, fit, wearing layered contrast color tank tops and holding the latest greatest meanest cleanest power tool. (I know - bad sentence)

And there I stood looking back at her - wearing my dusty gimme cap, Salvation Army man's shirt and elastic waist pants with decorator specks, swipes, and finger prints in bar harbor beige, brandy cream and smouldering red - in all my glory.

I asked myself -

What is wrong with this picture


  1. She probably couldn't DIY if her life depended on it. She probably doesn't even DIY her own make-up. And probably doesn't even have a man to have to cook for.

  2. My kinda fashion apparel...... I miss you sister...


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